King James Bible text and study tools


Bible Dictionaries

The following were recommended by the Metaphysical College:

  • Oxford English (best);
  • Hastings (excellent)
  • New Standard (very good);
  • Practical Standard (good)
  • Chamber’s Twentieth Century (good)

Bible Concordances

The following were recommended by the Metaphysical College:

  • Nelson’s
  • Young’s
  • Strong’s


Bible Concordances

The following were recommended by the Metaphysical College:

  • American Version of the Bible
  • Twentieth Century New Testament
  • Weymouth Translation
  • Goodspeed New Testament
  • Moulton’s Bible
  • Moffatt’s Translation
  • Isaiah and the Minor Prophets, by George Adams Smith
  • Moffatt Introduction to the New Testament Literature
  • Historical Geography of the Holy Land, by George Adams Smith
  • The Greatest English Classic, by McAffee
  • How to Know the Bible, by Hodges
  • The Story of Religion, by Smith
  • How We Got the Bible, by Smith
  • St. Paul’s Life and Letters, by Smith
  • Harmony of the Gospels, by Stevens and Butrons

Useful Books

From His View 'I' Am Free Now by Florence Roberts

All over the world many are searching for lasting peace and fulfillment, rich and poor alike — Who would have thought that the answer has been here. Now are we free in truth. In this new nonfiction book FROM HIS VIEW "I" AM FREE NOW the author has simply shared some of the spiritual insights she has gained into: effective prayer, marriage, relationships, money, work, education, health, fear, love, safety, happiness and true freedom since studying Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy together with her Bible.

Her work is an invitation for willing and sincere truth seekers, who are reaching out for an understanding of God, to help them do their own study. It is not an intellectual book; it is to be read with a humble heart, that is ready to be led to the Truth that makes us free, as Christ Jesus promised. She gives practical examples of how a life can be transformed when one reaches out to God for the understanding of man's true self and freedom.

Healing Unlimited

  • An organization that makes available healing information, addresses, articles and history concerning Christian Science and Mary Baker Eddy that has often been supressed by the central church during the past 90 years. Healing Unlimited offers publications and audiotapes that inspire, educate and heal. They have also been instrumental in working with most independent Christian Science organizations during the past 15 years including the most successful effort to distribute Science and Health since 1910 by Aequus Institute.
  • Website:

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